Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Yin/Yang Obsidian Windchime

I came across Obsidian Windchimes in person in a shop in Mystic, CT in 2005.

This one is Eucalyptus with devil's claw pods and an oxhead seed pod. Every one looks like some kind of otherworldy creature.

The one I bought has some kind of crazy seed pod as the main element. Dangling below are natural shards of obsidian that make the most delicate tinkling sounds. Mine hangs outside my office window all year round and, three years later, is still strange looking and still sounding beautiful.


Anonymous said...

How coincidental! Today I ran into the couple who make these windchimes. They were at the Santa Monica Crafts Market in Calif. (I live in the area).

I told them I bought three of their windchimes from them at a crafts fair years ago while on vacation in Park City, Utah.

The windchimes were wonderful when I bought them then, but the ones they have now are INCREDIBLE! Wow!

And then, somehow, I link to your blog through visiting Knitty.com, and you've got a photo of one of their windchimes! Small world!


Less is More said...

very impressive it is . creative i think it like a theme from the stone age years. i hope that you could post more of these ornaments and accessories and hope you try wind spinners . thank you have a nice day

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I think this Windchime fit for my new build home. Gonna buy one for my front door. Thanks.

Paula M

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