Wednesday, 22 October 2008

EnviroGLAS countertops etc

I'd love this product even if it wasn't environmentally smart. Resin + recycled glass, old porcelain bathroom fixtures...even broken-up mother of pearl buttons = EnviroGLAS counter surfaces, flooring and more. You can choose your resin color and the aggregate to get exactly the look you want. For heaven's sake, they've even got glow-in-the-dark glass! How cool for a kids' bathroom. Me, I'd go aqua all the way.

The terrazzo look is so perfect with the other vintage stuff I love, and so much easier to clean than a tile floor!

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Anonymous said...

I was just looking at these, checked out all the US companies, one is even in Brooklyn.
I'd want mine custom colored, mostly white with little confetti spots of bright blues, reds, greens, and yellows. Like the floors in the Seattle Planaterium.
Well maybe in my next life when I'm rich and famous.
ta ta! trout