Monday, 20 October 2008

Vintage Aluminum Folding Desk

This desk is the thing that sent me over the edge into stuff-blogging. I had to create a blog just to share this amazing object, or else I'd have to sell the rabbits [not an option] and buy the thing.

Available at fusionfurniture, this brilliant, gorgeous piece of functional engineering was built for US Military use. At the seller's main website, it sounds to me like he/she has more than one of these, still in their original boxes. Which is good, because one day, I just might cave.


Craftygrrrl said...

There is a neat book I got from the library that talks about living in a small house and how you can do it and how others are doing it.

The Author really focuses on the environmental and economic benefits of living small. It's the book that convinced me that we don't need to add on an addition, but instead just need to make some simple layout changes to help open up the space.

Amy R Singer said...

Yeah, but when two people need to poop at the same time, a 2nd bathroom seems more like a necessity than a luxury. :-)

Penny said...

*swoon* i want that desk.

try a 1 bedroom nyc apartment. yeah, poop has been an issue.

there have been tears but no accidents. :)

(it doesn't help that occupants of said 1 bedroom are two only-children who are used to lots of space on their own).

since we want to move sooner than later, husband decided no more bookshelves. Which is a problem. almost bigger than the one toilet one.

Julia said...

Cool! That desk is great. Who knew the US military could do good as well as evil? Muah-ah-ah!

Ryssa said...

ohhh! i saw an old vid clip once with somethng like that, 2 ladys in the military unpacking a big box into a dormlike room of things... now it will drive me nuts till i find it

jsATC said...

Oh, I love this desk so much. If I hadn't just bought one at Ikea, I think I'd have to sell some plasma to get this one.

Have you ever seen the magazine/book "Atomic Ranch"? Chock full of fab vintage. Love it!