Monday, 20 October 2008

I've got to put it somewhere.

Our house, which we love, is a massive 730 square feet. Cough.

Two bedrooms, one of which is my office, both of which have tiny closets. A living room, dining room, rather small kitchen and a single [just big enough for its intended purpose] bathroom. All small. That's all the living space we have until we win the lottery and finish the basement.

Instead of waiting for that to happen, I'm going to blog the stuff here that I wish I had room [or money] for but just don't. Occasionally, I might even bring one of the things I find home. Which should be interesting.

I read quite a few design and stuff blogs, and since I come across stuff that they don't write about, I thought it'd be neat to start one of my own. So here: my place to share the coolest stuff I find on the web. Some vintage, some new, all worth wanting.

Feel free to watch over my shoulder as I exercise my covet bone.


deirs said...

I love the new blog Amy! Of course, I've only got 450 sq feet of space, so I'm probably going to have to settle for lusting after everything too!

Sticks in the Mud said...

730 sq ft? Oh my word. How?

Anonymous said...

There are five if us in 830 sq feet so I feel your pain. Last year we splurged on a little country property which gives us a bit of space to run around but mostly we're all here, just trying to keep out of each others way.

indigirl said...

What an awesome idea! Virtual shopping sprees are fun. I don't know how I didn't see this link last week. Heh.

Cher said...

Love your new blog! Do you have HGTV in Canada? One of my favorite shows is Small Space, Big Style; all about places under 1,000 feet. I love it.

pburns said...

We are 5 in 1350 sq ft on one floor with one bathroom
(3 kids, Yikes), storage space only basement and no backyard alley though. So are we even or are you slightly ahead? Methinks you and rabbits have slight question...where does all the wool go? Isn't it easy to have 750 sq ft stash? congrats on new blog. Do we lust after stuff less if we write about it rather than cart it home? We turfed a too big and so weary sofa this week and watched the garbage truck eat it in 3 bites. The space it left in the living room is glorious.