Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Treku Bookcase

We live in a small house, with rabbits. The rabbit portion of that sentence is important: it tells anyone who's ever lived with rabbits why we can't have normal furniture [or if we do buy something nice, why it won't stay unnibbled past the first week].

This bookshelf, at a mere $1,126, is reasonably bunnyproof. The bottom is steel, and the shelves start above our rabbits' average nibble height.

Ironic that it's from a company called "Design Within Reach", because the rabbits wouldn't agree. [Also, this find alerted me to the knowledge that there is a DWR store in Toronto. Sigh.]


Darci said...

this could be replicated using piping and steel shelving for much less then the asking price. But I love the "bunny-proofing" idea

Rache said...

Yep. I've always referred to them as "Design Just Out Of Reach." Gorgeous stuff.

condo manila said...

Perfect for my new condo because I love to read.

Deirdre G